Whether for a business or individual, we offer our clients a comprehensive range of CPA services including:

General accounting, bookkeeping and financial tracking in support of business management and growth;

Clear definition of goals and objectives and the resources needed and available to meet the challenge; and

Support with the selection, implementation, and/or maintenance of accounting software - we support a variety of accounting software solutions ranging from the Quickbooks level up through the mid-tier ERP system solutions.

Our primary focus is on small firms up through the middle market level, with services offered on either a time and materials or monthly fee basis.


We provide tax planning and income and business tax preparation for all levels of tax needs, including:

Individual Federal and State income tax returns;

Business returns for corporations, sub S corporations, and partnerships; and

Estate tax returns.

Our fees charged on an hourly basis versus a cost per form charge which can provide considerable savings to you


Our Advisory Services  apply the Strategic Benchmarking for Value (SBV) methodology using a structured approach to enable increased profitability through:

Coordination of operating plans with strategic goals and

Implementation of tailored Performance Management solutions that identify, measure, and focus the clients resources on the key issues impacting their business strategy. 


Typical engagements  focus on increasing the value of the clients business through: 

Clarification of organizational goals and strategic objectives along with a review of current organizational resources available to deliver on them;

Identification of the "best-fit", best practices methodologies to translate the strategy into an achievable operating plan;

Development of a budgeting and planning solution that incorporates performance management measures focused on strategic objectives across all organizational levels;

Selection of the appropriate business intelligence applications and tools necessary to support the performance management process; and

Implementation support in delivering the solution on a timely, budget-conscious, schedule.